"AZMADANÄ°STEHSAL" LLC is the first production enterprise established in 2018 in the Republic of Azerbaijan for the production of elements and consumable parts for crushing, excavating and drilling equipment in the Mining,

Machine Building and Construction Industry. Our society aims to become a leading brand in its field of activity.


Quality and safety of production processes and protection of the environment are also our main goals.

Based on our experience and knowledge in the melting, molding and casting sector, with the participation of professional staff, our goal is to produce products that meet the relevant quality standards, are resistant to abrasion and impact, and have high hardness.


We meet the expectations of our customers at a high level, carrying out production in accordance with world standards, using the latest technologies in our field within all stages of the processing. We pride ourselves on proving our quality in many areas, from processing to customer satisfaction.


As “AZMADANÄ°STEHSAL” LLC we pay special attention to the prevention of environmental pollution, and at the same time strictly adhere to the protection of the environment by recycling waste as much as possible.

Our society plans to protect natural resources in the use of raw materials and energy, and to use these resources in the most efficient way. 

“AZMADANISTEHSAL” LLC strictly observes the rules of Labor Protection and Technical Safety, ensuring the protection of safety, health and working ability of employees in all production processes.