Construction and mining

Processing of all parts of the construction and mining crushing equipment ordered to our company is carried out in a wear-resistant and shock-resistant manner and in accordance with high quality standards.


Machine building industry

In accordance with the requirements of the machinebuilding industry, fabrics such as teeth, pulleys, flywheels, buckets, bucket knives, pallet pieces and caterpillars are processed in our field.


Cement industry

As in other industries, worn parts of the cement industry (ball mill parts, rotary kiln parts, vertical mill parts, clinker crusher parts) are made in our workshops with high quality


Construction equipment parts

We produce fabrics in accordance with high quality standards for construction equipment.


Agricultural industry

We ensure the production of all parts of agricultural equipment, one of the most important areas in our country, in shock-resistant and in accordance with high quality standards.



Quality and safety of production processes and protection of the environment are also our main goals.

Based on our experience and knowledge in the melting, molding and casting sector, with the participation of professional staff, our goal is to produce products that meet the relevant quality standards, are resistant to abrasion and impact, and have high hardness.


"AZMEDENISTEHSAL" LLC pays special attention to preventing pollution of the environment with waste.

Our society plans to protect natural resources and use them efficiently while using raw materials and energy.

Our customers

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